Our slogan is «Quality of the class of lux!»

Our company specializes in the field that is concerned about one of the most important human values — human health and life.
The main goal of our company is to provide the consumer with high-quality, effective and safe medicaments at reasonable prices. We aim at being ahead of today’s demands and focus on the most contemporary approaches to quality assurance.

Our company collaborates with leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products of the European countries – Poland, Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia. All of the delivered preparations of the company are manufactured with the observance of strict rules and requirements presented to the manufacture of medicaments by international GMP standards. We strive for the constant expansion of the assortment of products to achieve the main goal ― the work for the benefit of the health of our consumers. There are more than 30 preparations of the main pharmacotheraupeutic orientation (cardiology, neurology, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics, urology, otorhinolaryngology, gastroenterology) in the product portfolio of the
company. The goal of the company «Vitalux» in the sphere of quality is to gain and maintain the confidence in our ability to constantly provide services and products that meet consumers expectations, legislative and relevant mandatory requirements.
To realize these goals, the company «Vitalux» carries out:
• approval of the precise authorities and responsibilities of employees of all levels for the quality of delivered product;
• development of the personnel on the basis of training and learning from the advanced experience;
• interaction with training organizations on preparation of medical representatives and managers;
• accurate fulfillment of incurred contract commitments.

The effective marketing activity of the pharmaceutical company «Vitalux» is the significant factor of strengthening of its competitive positions in the modern pharmaceutical market of Azerbaijan. The priority orientations of the marketing activity are planning, development and introduction of effective tools of advancement of the preparations of the company on the basis of the integrated marketing communications with the main target audiences of consumers (physicians, pharmacists, distributors, individual purchasers). We are the company that focuses on the best European business-practice.
The corporation is managed by an energetic and skilled team of managers who got modern education of the world level. We introduce the strategy of social responsibility actively, stressing our care and establishment of friendly relations with society in whole and all our partners. «Vitalux» LLC is always ready to cooperate with organizations and companies that are interested in it.