vial 10 ml

Ingredients: Each drop of the preparation contains vitamin D3 100 IU.

Prevention and treatment:

Completes the deficiency of the vitamin D in the organism;
Removal of all symptoms of rachitis and its prevention;
Provision of the normal growth and development of the bones of the skeleton;
Prevention of osteoporosis in children of older ages and adults;
Facilitates the sediment of calcium in the dentine (prevention of caries)

Method of usage:

For children beginning from the second week of life 4 drops (400 IU), for prematurely born children 4-6 drops (400-600 IU) once a day in the first half of the day. For the purpose of prevention of rachitis, 500 IU is prescribed for children beginning from the third week every day from October to the end of April.

Side effects:

Side effect is not defined during the usage of the preparation in the recommended doses and the absence of individual hypersensitivity.