vial 100 ml

Ingredients of the preparation:

Ferrum gluconate

Vitamin В1

Vitamin В2

Vitamin В6

Vitamin В12

Rosehip extract

Nettle extract

A combined preparation that serves for the prevention and treatment of anemia caused by the deficiency of ferrum, folic acid and vitamin В12. The preparations of bivalent ferrum (in the form of ferrum gluconate) have wider bioavailability than the preparations of salt of trivalent ferrum. Absorption of ferrum from ionic compounds occurs principally in bivalent form, whereas the activity of utilization of ferrum from preparations that contain salt of trivalent ferrum, is inflexibly limited by a definite рН level of gastric juice (in case of high acidity of the gastric juice, sparingly soluble ferrum hydroxides are formed).

Vitamin C contained by rosehip contributes to the qualitative digestion of ferrum.

Indications for usage:

  • latent ferrum deficiency
  • anemia of various genesis
  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • menstrual cycle
  • preparation to elective operations
  • arrangement of conditions for desired pregnancy
  • intensive physical activity
  • long-term intake of antibiotics
  • anemia caused by gastric or intestine resection
  • alimentary macrocytic anemia in neonates

hypo- and avitaminosis

Dosage regimen:

For adults and children older than 12 years old per 15 ml (a table spoon) once a day.

For children from the age of 6 to 12 per 10 ml (a dessert spoon).

For children from the first month of life per 5 ml (a tea spoon) once a day.

Restrictions in usage: individual sensitivity to the ingredients of the preparation.

Form of release:

Syrup 100 ml in a vial.