marisolMARISOL   nose spray 50 ml

Ingredients of the preparation: purified water, sea salt.

The preparation is designed for the restoration of the impaired physiological function of the mucous membrane of the nose, for the removal of the symptoms of rhinitis (also allergic), as well as for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases.

Indications for usage:
Adenoid, acute, allergic, vasomotor rhinitis, chronic diseases of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx, accessory sinuses of nose, as well as accompanied by the dryness of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.
Prevention of infections of the nasal cavity during the autumn-winter period, in case of the change of the climatic conditions (places with conditioned air and/or central heating), pollution of the atmospheric air (smokers, motor transport drivers, hot and dusty workshops).
Preparation for the introduction of other medicaments to the nasal cavity (for the enhancement of their absorption).
The lavage of wounds of the nasal cavity and accessory sinuses of nose before and after operative interventions.
Hygienic procedures of the nasal cavity.

Method of usage:

Spray the solution into each nostril several times a day (if necessary).